Our company offers the customers high quality and wide selection of sterling silver and other jewelry products through the high quality service from the our network of supply chain to your front door. N.K. Nopakaow Gold & Gems Co., Ltd. is the experienced jewelry exporter specializes in silver and gold jewelry for more than 40 years. Since it is established in 1964, its business engaged in gold and precious stones exporting. Later on the company has gradually expanded its business to other product lines which are silver, rhodium and etc. Now the companys product lines can be classified as the following.


  1. Bangle
  2. Bookmark
  3. Bracelet
  4. Brooch
  5. Cufflinks
  6. Earrings
  7. Necklace
  8. Pendant
  9. Pillbox
  10. Ring
  11. Spoon
  12. Other product designed by the customers